Sunday, December 02, 2007

i survived the 21.1km!!

my timing: 2hrs 50mins 23s (gun) / 2hrs 37mins 57s (net)!! i'm faster than the average event time of 2hrs 38mins 46s!!

for more infomation of my results, click here.

me and my finisher medal!

its the very first time i ran till my legs can no longer take it.. the first 12km seems pretty ok as i do not need to stop and rest. however, fatigue + lack of sleep (slept for 4 hours only) + lack of hydration starts to kick in after that. can literally feel my body temperature increasing, with dizzy spells that will black me out anytime.. by then i've to take frequent rests and hydrate myself periodically in order to push myself to complete the race....

yes, its a race against myself, breaking the limits that i once thought impossible...

after effects: pai ka for the next few days..... =))

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