Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i dunno why that whenever we need to talk about life and death, religion will always come into the picture.

for non-believers of christ, talking about illness and death seems to be always sad.. coz we will blame ourselves for the 'sins' we have committed to deserve all these.. or we will blame 'whoever is up there' for such an unfair treatment.. well thats about it..

for believers of christ, it is difficult to accept the fact that one has to go thru all these. however, it seems that there is an 'alternative' to let the family and friends to accept the fact with an open heart, that is to say that "its my role on earth.." by saying that, you accomplish two things:
1. letting your family and friends feel better about your potential departure as you are on a 'mission' instructed by the 'higher authority up there'
2. you look yourself as someone who has something to accomplish before you go, instead of trying to blame the 'higher authority' for what you have become..

well... i'm not saying that i don't believe what my friend has said to me. even if he is lying just to make sure i go back to church, i'll have to thank him for the effort.. let me think about it again.. perhaps the time is just not right yet..

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