Friday, November 09, 2007

how about a S$5.8k diamond ring for proposal?

don't ask me how many "carrot" or "raddish" coz i'm not the one who bought it..

don't ask me which lucky gal got it as i do not know the gal personally..

don't ask me which unlucky guy who spent such a fortune on a stone gem as i do not know that guy personally either...

but one thing for sure: that guy kena conned by the gal.... haha!

i'm not so sure if buying such an expensive ring is the only way to 'show' his love for his love... call me practical or what, but i really feel that its all about showing off to all the female friends that "i'm wearing a 6k bling bling ok?! dun pray pray hor..."

i wonder how long will the lady's happiness last with her new found gem.. and how often she will wear it on her finger without the constant fear of it being lost and picked up by the road sweeper or office auntie...

as for the guy, it will be a painful experience on his wallet. imagine that this purchase almost wiped off his credit limit? imagine him taking a 36 months 0% installment with his credit card and have to pay $161/month for 36 months? all just because of a little stone gem which will probably land up in the little corner of the drawer after a while?

i really cannot understand's woman's facination with that stone gem and man's stupidity to spend such a bomb to fulfill his woman's desire... as what my female friend said "S$6k can be spent in better ways, such as going to japan for honeymoon or furnishing for the new home..."

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