Wednesday, October 17, 2007

on the way to a meeting..

idiot: hey did you read the report in the papers that when someone decides to leave the organisation, even a pay rise won't be able to keep the person.

me: *thinking that he is just trying to discuss some HR affairs* ya true.. when one decides to leave usually he will go no matter what..

idiot: ya.. our HR should read that report and improve from there...

blah blah blah..

blah blah..

idiot: you know or not, that according to statistics lah, that 80% of the people who left the organisation is because of their supervisor? you agree with that? *sheepily smile*

me: *just as i expected...*

why is it that some people die die also want to probe me into saying out the truth, even thou they already know the truth themselves!? from my understanding of that idiot's personality, he wants me to say it out so that he can defend himself from any accusations i may have against him... i knew he is coming with that motive in mind so i avoided any chance for him to succeed... =))

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