Saturday, October 06, 2007

it was a random and freaking hot afternoon.. the heat is unbearable.. and you do not want to spend money on anything.. so what should you do??

visit car showrooms!!

first stop: nissan
was greeted by a sales person when i first stepped into the showroom. as i told him that i'm only looking around, he understood my statement and only 'appear' at the right times, ie when i looked puzzled and need some information.

nissan march is very much a lady's car. cutie exterior as well as its interior. the internal is pretty spacious for person of my built. however i don't understand why there isn't any rpm meter and also there isn't mirror at the passenger's seat?? also its pretty ex for a small 1.4l car at close to 56k...

nissan latio sports is quite cool, especially the impul series where the bodykit is original from japan. however it will set me back by additional $5000 as compared to those local factory fitted ones.. nevertheless, the interior is spacious and the material used is of good quality! ok lah a 1.6l car at about 58k...

next stop: toyota.
only spent less than 10mins in there. almost yawnzzz... really bored with the design of toyota and even more disappointing with the quality of the material used which in my opinion, is very LC (low class). frankly speaking, if i were to compare vios and latio (as they are same price range), i'll not hestitate to get latio. really..

next stop: honda
i love honda!! went into the showroom and headed straight for the euro type r civic, and the sales uncle is so nice to open the door of the car for me! tell u.. its super nice on the outside and even better in the inside! i almost drooled.... *slurp*

honda civic is very good too. very spacious and chic =) ahhh.. i love the cup holder =))

honda jazz is still something i'll like to get if i'm getting a hatchback next time. its still so cute =))

honda stream is what i'll most probaly get after 小黑 retires. very spacious interior, fierce outlook, can sit up to 7 folks, large boot...

next stop: mini
i don't like the way the sales people work there. when i entered into the showroom, there are 2 ladies sitting around but they insist on calling their colleague to serve me coz "its not their turn"! i really don't think its professional of them to assign who to serve when me the customer is in the showroom, as to me it simply means that they don't like to serve me! disappointment.

next stop: volkswagon
i only love the beetle there. at $79k, its the 2nd lowest priced vehicle around its the most chic i'll say. overall feel is good and its definitely a head-turner =)) but then, if practically is concerned, then at the same price range, honda stream certainly wins.. hmmm... oh by the way, no sales person bothered to entertain me from the moment i stepped into the showroom till the point i left. worst than mini... *puiiii*

last stop: mitsubishi
the only reason why i check out the mitsubishi showroom is only for the new mitsubishi ex. nice interior with many functions similar to those continental cars. spacious interior, very sporty and classy, very large boot... now i understand why mitsubishi dares to charge a whopping 65k fr a 1.5l model..

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