Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'm pondering over this question:

am i being a responsible parent if i were to have children? or will i have children just because i want to have them?

what i mean is....

a) will my children suffer if they are to born into my family?

b) do i have enough to spend on them so that they can have a good education?

c) do i have enough to spend on them so that they can pick up skills that can enrich their lives?

d) am i providing a condusive environment which they can grow up in?

e) will i be able to spend enough quality time with them so that we can understand each other well and have a good relationship?

f) will i be patience with them?

g) will i be able to give them enough love?

seriously, i'll not want to bring injustice to my children if i cannot provide them enough...and i'm definitely not a believer of having kids just because its something i'll should do after marriage... well.... maybe i'm thinking too far ahead...

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