Saturday, October 28, 2006

its some time since i had such a great day!

went suntan finally after dunno how many months of hidding indoors, all bec of work, haze, raining season, etc.. although effectively i'm under direct sun for only about 1/2 hour as the other hour the stupid clouds are shielding the sun, i still feel good about it. can see abit of darkness coming back to my fair as 白斩鸡 skin.. 烧鸡 skin i'm coming!! =)

after that drove to orchard to meet a gal friend (i'm being truthful here ok?) and we went over robinsons to get my samsonite cabin bag! yeah! i think its a steal at $139 as its usually priced about $250.. did i mention that after another 20% off i only paid $111.20 for it! somemore its in my favourite beige/kahki colour! however,the size is only about 55 litres.. but it should be enough for my short business trips which i can see them coming. at most i bring another foldable bag along to contain my loots when i return.. hehe!

following that we caught black dahlia. dun ask me what is the show about as i really dun understand a single nut out of it. there isn't any subtitles in any language i can refer to when more than 90% of the time i couldn't catch what the cast were mumbling about.. ok, i dun mind blaming it on my private limited calibre of english.. just when i thought i could ask her what the story was about as she was so engrossed watching it, the first thing she asked me when the lights were turned on again was "what is the story talking about?" eh.. ok. no comments. at least i'm not the one who chose to watch this show, as i still think my sinking of japan is better.. well.. all is not lost as the lead is josh hartnett, the guy who acted in lucky number sleven. find him really charming.. (disclaimer: i'm NOT a fooking GAY ok!! )

after a few hours of hearty chats and drinks i only managed to reach home at 315am...ok i know this entry is pretty boring and monotone., nevertheless, its a beautiful day =)

sandy: oh yeah.. i also checked out the biotherm happy legs and polo ralph romance.. so which one shall i get? u decide?

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