Sunday, September 17, 2006

today went for the 2nd massage of my almost 27 yrs ( *hint hint* ) on mother earth. its the elements at orchard hotel shopping arcade (behind delphi orchard). yours sincerely (me!) can be a cheapo at times (or most of the time) and i went for it because of the promotional rate of $30, courtesy of manhatten card. oh well, i paid a total of $39 because i opt for some aroma therapy scent thingy and i regretted as its a waste of $$$.. the whole thing is pretty ok but as compared to my previous try at pan-pac, this therapist isn't as good as i dun feel my bones cracking (yeah i love pain ;P) and the whole process isn't as fulfilling as well. if you visit the website, it mentioned that its owned by a national olympic swimmer but so what?! what does this massage thingy got to do with swimming? its not a swimming school anyway... thats what i call poor marketing and lousy positioning..

verdict: will not go back again although there are a few nice looking receptionists.. =)


oh yes, or those who haven't tried vila'ge at hereen before, its basically mache with a new name..

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