Friday, September 08, 2006

today i've met the UGLIEST driver in my 5 months of driving.

very very UGLY.

i was jammed at the junction of the exit of swishotel. its a very very bad jam as the cars were almost not moving at all. there was a red car trying to come out from the hotel lane to the main road but the jam was so bad that i decided to continue my right of way instead of showing my kind side of driving to let the car come out. i dun usually be so ungraceful one as i'll almost always give way to others but this time really cannot as i'm already late for my appointment.. very late.. and if one car comes out, the rest will assume i'm going to give way and will follow... u know what i mean??

once the car came out and landed on my right, it suddenly stopped and stared at me, with the driver, a women in her late 50s screaming and yelling and kept on pointing to me a "v" sign with her hand. i was like "come on!! show me the middle finger and i'll surely report you to the police!! come on!!" while looking at the clown, i kept on smiling and tilting my head to show the mischevious look! hahaha!! oh yah, i should have put my 3.2MP k800i to good use by video down the clown's actions!! haizzz.. wat a waste! okok i'll remember to film that down IF i ever encounter such a UGLY driver again! =)

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