Wednesday, September 13, 2006

talking about suay-ness.. i'm really suay for the month of september, at least till now.

look at how suay am i:

1. my appeal for my $20 parking ticket was rejected.

2. today i kena another $10 ticket. again, i'm late by 10mins.

3. my newly bought sony ericsson k800i was sent for servicing today as i cannot hear the other party not once, but twice. better to fix the problem now before i got too many things in my hp that i cant bear to delete.

4. my baby kena one long cut on the door at the passenger side (about 3 cm long)

5. also at the passenger side, the side mirror cover kena MANY scratches. TMD. dunno which idiot dunno how to open his/her door!!

6. i got a ku-ku looking haircut yesterday.

7. wasted $$$ as the kickboxing lessons sucks! really very disappointed with the instructor as i find her moves very stupid and crappy. its really not the kind of kickboxing that i see in those mega gyms. very very disappointed. i guess i'll not be attending her lessons from this week onwards. wasted $$$ again but its better than wasting my time also doing something that i dont enjoy..

shit. i think this is not my month.

but then, one month + to my birthday! i wonder will it be 'just another lonely day'? anyway not pinning too much hopes on it just like what i have been doing for the past few years..

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