Saturday, August 05, 2006

my student was telling me one day ..

"teacher, what are my talents? i think i have no talents except for swimming as i'm now lifeguard level xx. whats yours teacher?"

i'm thinking hard. *think think think*

i'm too ashamed to admit that i also don't have any talent. i can't play any musical instrument, i'm not good in any sports, i'm not inclined towards any language..

conclusion: shit! i've no talents. *cry out loud*

i blame myself for my inactivity during my younger days. i tried to learn a musical instrument but i realised my limited potential in that area. i tried and failed again when i was older. i tried to learn a 3rd language and i gave up halfway due to the difficulty in juggling between studies and the extra course at that time. my deficiency in sports was mainly due to my limitation in fitness level and my size.

sad sad sad....

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