Wednesday, August 02, 2006

just back from "无招牌" seafood restaurant at esplanade...

impact: super full... full till wana vomit... full till the sight of another juicy piece of prawn makes me wana puke. full till i come home first thing i do is head for the toilet... luckily the "feeling" didn't come while i am halfway in AYE or PIE... lol

cause: chilli crab, white pepper crab, cereal clayfish, mini fried squid, egg tofu, scallops with asparagus, ginseng prawns, prawn paste chicken, mango sago with pomelo, fruit platter, coconut drinks, beer .... disclaimer: i did not drink any alcohol. i'm a responsible driver you know?

"when you drink, don't drive. when you drive, don't drink" - a friendly message brought to you by the singapore traffic police and mi lOr 株式会社.

cost: 2 tables, 16 people, total damage is S$1600... yes.. is S$1600.. my boss nearly jumped when she heard the amount... lol.. dunno how is she going to justify the meal.. anyway only the cereal clayfish is recommended! must eat if you go.. the rest can give them amiss..

i need to fast for the next one week for i've sinned... XD

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