Thursday, July 13, 2006

i'm back! =)

its a pretty simple trip to the factory in nilai, malaysia, where me and another colleague attended the orientation programme which includes the walk around of the plant, the various processes and operations of each unit and hand-shake sessions with my counterparts in the factory to build up rapport..

i cannot understand why my hotel was a 45mins ride from the factory, which is in sunway lagoon! its really too far.. and the worst thing is although the shopping/entertainment complex is just right beside my hotel, i don't have the time to go shopping proper! =( the hotel room is pretty good but there is something ridiculous: i had a hard time trying to find the internet cable and to use the broadband in the room will make me poorer by RM$38 (or S$17.2) per day! i only have about 2 hours free time before i sleep and $10 per hour per nite is simply not making sense..

and suay enough, one of my colleagues was 'caught' by the custom policeman for driving without a seat belt, and the policeman 'offered' to settle 'outside' for S$20 or else my colleague will have to pay RM$120 as fine. no choice, he paid... thats how things work in malaysia...just his luck..

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