Friday, July 28, 2006

after much planning (or coincidence), i think my august will be a pretty exciting month ahead!

your very 1st question that flashed in your mind: "why? reasons?" see! i so clever rite? haha!

okok, slowly lah.. the most impt thing is that i'm going to shanghai!! yeah yeah! its my 2nd overseas trip while with this new coy after 3 mths, and most imptly its my 1st time to china! so happy! my flight has been booked so i'll countdown to the date of departure =)

oh yah, i may even go to wuqing or beijing 2 weeks after i return from shanghai! this one not confirmed yet so i'll keep my fingers crossed... =X

next, i've decided to go for the windsurfing course this month! not sure of the dates yet as i may still change but i've confirmed the venue. hopefully i will enjoy this new sports so that i can have something to do when i'm free.. eh.. i'm usually free anyway.. haha..

last but not least, i'm going to the zoo! woohoo~ *counting with my fingers* hmmm... i've not stepped into the zoo since dunno how many years ago.. maybe 14? or 16? i mean YEARS ok.. not the age i last went to zoo! so scary rite? a singaporean yet only last visited the zoo 14 years ago.. XD i really cannot remember how the zoo looks like more than a decade ago now but i'll know how the zoo looks like in a few weeks time. thanks to the zoo pass from my coy. =)

let me think of something to fill up the rest of the weekends... any ideas?

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