Wednesday, June 07, 2006

my colleague is very interesting. during lunch, she shared with us that she is a very busy person and when her new beau went after her, she told him that "mon and wed i got lectures, tue and thu i got driving lessons, sat i need to help out as a volunteer, and sun i need to accompany my family. oh yah, fri i got tutorial but i can meet you after that. that is the only day i can meet u..."

her new beau's reply "orrhh.. ok lor.."

i almost laughed my head off.

after work the group of us (the kpos) stayed back for a short chat and that same colleague showed me her "31 criterias" she listed down when looking for a bf. really is 31 points ok! no joke. i couldn't remember all but some are really funny and some are interesting..

however, i counted the ticks (i suppose those ticks are what her new beau satisfy) but they add up not more than 8....

so what does that imply? =)

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