Saturday, June 03, 2006

i'm lucky not to get the soursop andy and sandy tried. both of them kena stomache and andy seems to be in deeper pain.. hope that he will recover soon..

after that went to marine parade. seriously, i cannot remember when is the last time i stepped into marine parade. 10yrs? 20yrs? haha! the place is quite ok (much better than lot1 and bpp) as the mix of shops is quite even but i hate the carpark! freaking alot of cars! anyway i was looking for a pair of oakley shades but none of those they carry caught my eye. not to worry, i can get it easily elsewhere.. the reason why i want a pair of shades is for driving. the sun is really glaring in the morning and late noon so i thought having a pair of shades will be good? still pending lah... coz $240 is not little lor... if i get the polarised one will be $308... *faintzz*

also my hp got some problem now. the stupid joystick doesn't seems to respond when i try to navigate my hp menu.. sianzzz... no warrenty somemore.. now the nokia 6280 selling at $238 with 2 yrs plan at m1 and its the CHEAPEST 3G phone i can find.. i can upgrade the plan and the first year subscription will be half price! got free x-men freebies also. dunno should i get it or not coz offer till tomolo...

worst.. i need to get some clothes..

$$$$ not enough!

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