Saturday, May 13, 2006

not a very satisfied customer after my dinner at fins (marina square).. definitely not for those big eaters.. oh not forgetting that they dun serve ice water as well but they dun charge service charge.. so its a compromise?

its a beautiful saturday and i'm rotting at home literally. really lah.. after tuition in the morning i actually wanted togo for a haircut but was discouraged by my student as he commented that its still not long yet. ok.. so it shall be postponed to next week. also wanted to go town (OG having 20% storewide sale + john little + robinsons all having pre-GSS sale) to see office wear as i do not want my colleagues to think that i'm recycling my clothes so often but in the end i went around in circles and finally reach the void deck of my home. its not that i lost my way or what but i just dun feel like shopping alone today.. no mood leh.. very unlike me hor?

see if i can get pple to go out drink kopi with me later in the evening.. till then i shall try to think of something to do..

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