Monday, May 08, 2006

my first day of work in a new environment: bored.

bored in the sense that everything is so alien to me: my desk, my colleagues, even the toilet bowl, etc.. now my desk is so empty coz only got 2 manuals and some stationery.. will be bringing my stuffs to work tomorrow. also no pc and i am told i need to wait for up to 2 weeks before my laptop will come. yup.. my personal laptop =) before anyone thinks that i receive preferential treatment, just to let u all know that all the project engineers there use laptops..

colleagues are pretty ok. most of them are around my age so i think there shouldn't be any problem to mingle with them but i still need some time to break into their circle.. the managers are nice and helpful. at least i dun feel that they are way high above me till they are unreachable..

basically what i've been doing for most of today is reading up the manuals and going around meeting those i need to cooperate with during the course of my work. kinda boring but no choice lah.. looking forward to handling new projects soon =)

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