Friday, May 05, 2006

i've finally survived the 1st ICT of my life.

alot of things have changed since i ORDed 6 yrs ago. people have left and go, the operations have changed.. one thing that hasn't change much is our spirit. before i go back, i've heard many stories of how slack ICT is, how bad the attitude of NSmen will be.. however true the above is, one thing that hasn't change is our spirit of doing what ought to be done despite the position or job we hold in the civilian world. all of us are the same when wearing green.

although more than half are new faces to me (they are more senior), i managed to mingle well with the folks and its certainly enjoyable to have them around for these 3 weeks. all the jokes, fun, swearing, work.. seriously, ICT isn't that bad afterall as its a good opportunity for us to put down our busy schedules and relax. like one of them said "they (the officers) ask you to eat, you eat; they ask you to work, you work; they ask you to sleep, you sleep. don't think so much! we are here all to relax!" well said. it rounds up the attitude we should have for ICT.

i sound like giving a national education talk here but seriously i feel that everything we do depends on our attutude. if we feel that its a waste of time, it will be a waste of time. if we try to find value from it, we will benefit from it no matter how shitty the thing is.

yup, its that simple.

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