Saturday, April 22, 2006

today is the 2nd (or more?) consecutive saturdays which i stayed at home after my usual routine of tuition and swimming.. just dun feel like going anywhere after my swim coz i'm not buying anything nor meeting anyone so home is the best choice at that moment in time. at least next saturday won't be the same as i'll be stationed outfield. yup.. next saturday burnt but i'm pretty ok with it as i have nothing much to do anyway, and its a good break from my usual boring schedule.

anyway this coming 2 weeks (till 05/05) will be pretty busy for me due to the ADEX.. no more everyday 8 to 5 lifestyle as some nights i'll be required to stay at the deployment site for duties and it happens coincidentally that 2 of my students are having their mid year exams so i'll have to reschedule my free days for them. no choice.. being a RESPONSIBLE tuition teacher, i have to put their interest at heart especially at this critical time.. MOE, let me remind you again.. its your loss to lose a teacher like me..

i'm quite impressed with myself actually, especially my time management skills. dun pray pray k.. despite my heavy commitments of protecting the nation and educating the future generation, i can still find time to go for my weekly dancing lesson as well as digging 3 completely free days on labour day eve, labour day and post-labour day! isn't that beautiful?

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