Friday, March 24, 2006

today i got 4 impt news to announce: 3 good news and 1 bad news.

ok those pessimistic ones will surely ask me for the bad news first. rite? haha! anyway i'll say the 3 good news first before i say whats the bad news.

1st good news: i managed to get an mc today, even though i'm feeling ok.. haha! =) first time getting an mc since i started working more than 21mths ago.. will be getting more in the coming weeks.. =D

2nd good news: i got a job offer from a stat board. lets call it "A".

2nd good news: i got a job offer from a US based company. lets call it "B".

anyway the 2 job offers come just within 10 mins of one another. cool rite?

here comes the bad news: i got only up to coming monday to decide which company to join.. =(

but i have more or less made up my mind.... =)

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