Thursday, February 02, 2006

its just so natural for people to judge another by how a person dress.

one day i went into a car showroom (singapore's most popular car brand) after my work (note: for those who dunno, i dress damm sloppily + lup sup + super no dress sense to work) and the sales people there dun even bother to give me a second look. they must be thinking that i'm a dunno what low paid labourer who is thinking so highly of himself to ever own a car...

so the theory of people judging another by appearance is half correct.

to test the other half of the theory, i dressed better today and carried a laptop bag which made me looked kinda like an executive. went into mitsubishi showroom and at least i got some attention from one of the sales people. i hopped to chevolet and nissan showrooms and the staff there willingly came over and help me with all the enquires i have.

hmmm... looks like the other half of the theory is really true to a certain extent.. but i am still inspired to be like those ah peks who dress in polo tees and bermudas and wear slippers but drive a bmw or lexus.. =D

oh yah.. just a little tip: if you are going to any car showroom, its best to carry in your hand another car maker's brouchure(s) and make it visible to the sales person.. he/she will know that you are serious in getting a car and he/she will realise that there is competition. naturally, you will get better attention.. =)

p/s: anyway i'm just taking a look around for cars.. not sure if i'm going to get it or not so please dun stress me or hard sell me any car... thx.. you never know, i may just stick with public transport after all =D

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