Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i can see that my lucky star is shining strongly on me today! yeah! other than a little irritation in the morning contributed by an auntie who kept on brushing her long hair on my arm, i think today i'm in rather good mood!


oh well, i secured an interview on friday! yuppie! its a local company but there is opportunity for overseas assignment, which is something i'm looking for in my next job. must listen to SM Goh to venture out mah.. and getting that interview is my first step out..

next, my colleague out of nothing decided to treat me a drink! this certainly complements my happy spirit =D

salsa was fun today! danced quite abit and i think i have improved since last lesson. at least now i can talk and dance at the same time haha! its not easy ok.. have to split my mind into two: one for remembering the steps and the other for keeping up the conversation with my partners. anyway they were pretty good as well and we managed to keep the momentum going.. will have to practice more on the steps taught this week..


just a friendly reminder: friday's toto is SGD 10 million! so for those who haven't made their "investments", dun say i didn't remind you all.. me? oh i did not buy much lah.. only about $12 worth of quick picks.. no first prize second prize also not bad! anyway one year once only mah.. just buy for fun lah! =)

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