Friday, January 06, 2006

i got a new love! isn't she so sleek (10.6"), light (1.38kg), intelligent (with fingerprint recognition) and beautiful? damm, i'm thinking of a new laptop even thou my current baby is only less than 3 years old! i offered to trade in mine but i was rejected. ahhh~ anyone willing to get it for me? its only S$2988 for the standard version.. can pay by all major credit cards with up to 24mths interest free installments! =)

something cropped up in the office yesterday while i was away at my potential employer.. and i heard that i was kena complained (maybe thats why my ears are itchy yesterday) by one of my colleagues as she has to finish up my leftover work. oh well, seriously i don't quite remmeber when engineers have taken over shipping details from her, coz i remembered my 1st project was shipped to bhutan and i did not prepare any documents for shipping. somemore the last shipment for the same project was done by the sales team, and naturally i expected them to do it again but they didn't. anyway my boss still smile smile at me today while asking me why wasn't the documents ready. dunno if he heard from anyone that his 3 maskeeters are planning their exile.. and one of them is actually me! hehe! also dunno is he really amused or is he putting on a fake smile.. i can't be bothered anyway. if i dun see a nice looking variable bonus in 2 weeks time i'll make sure he won't be able to smile again.. or at least i won't see him smiling anymore..

TGIF! and i got tons of things to do... =(

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