Friday, December 09, 2005

its a ranting/self reflection entry.

i'm beginning to realise that people who work normal office hours only have 1 miserable day to relax themselves. sorry, i mean 1.5 days. try asking around your friends or what to go out for shopping or a meal on monday to friday and most likely you will get a turning head as an answer. reason: they OT till dunno what time or that they are dead too tired after work to go out (unless their office above some shopping mall or what). thats 5 days gone. on top of that, try asking them on sunday anytime after lunch time and they will reply you the same way.

for those working irregular hours, its really hard to get you people but i'm glad if you are willing to make it at times. i can understand..

its just so different when back to the good ol' school days where almost everyone is ready to go out and relax anytime after school, and the fun dun stop till there is a need to sleep the night before so that we do not miss school the next day. or perhaps its just me who is not feeling the impact from working? maybe i did not do much OT but studying part time with all my assignments, seminars and examinations to handle are equally (if not more) tiring than working. on top of that, i still have tuition assignments that almost made me work an extra day on top of my 5 days routine work week. so who is not tired? try calculating in terms of hours per week and see how much time i have left to myself for sleep, rest and so on... alrite, i shouldn't

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