Thursday, November 10, 2005

life couldn't be any better nowadays. (with lesser workload of course..) =)

first, i got my $200 from SAF for a super-duper unprepared ippt.. a nice bonus for some post deepa-puasa shopping!

second, i just got back the results for my previous module and thankfully i did well to stay on track.. just have to maintain the same results for the remaining 2 modules to get a nice looking cert which i've been yearning since the course began a year ago..

third, i'm thankful that my prayers have been heard, ie my exam on the 19th will not be affected! *phew* coz my school dun allow me to take my exam on another day and if i'll to miss it, i'll ....... ok, on why my exam date may be affected, read below.

fourth, i'll be going to the land of kangaroos and koala bears next week! woooohoo~! its next sunday to be exact, just the next day after my exam finishes! so lucky right? for the past few days i'm still worrying about my exam and the possibility of me flying clashes and finally my prayers have been heard and i can do both. so happy! oh by the way i'm not going for holiday hor, its a business trip. will be expecting myself to do shit work for the whole week coz i'm the only soul out there to help my manager.. hows the weather there? should be pretty hot i think coz its near summer time.. another thing which excites me is that i'll be taking the brand new boeing-777!! oh my!! i did a case study and video on the making of the boeing-777 for my current module and i'm so impressed with it! its such a coincidence to be able to fly in it this time round! i just cannot stop grinning! *grinz*

holy mama!! i wonder if i even have the time to pack and exchange aussie dollars coz i'll be damm busy preparing for my exam next week!! anyone got a checklist on "surviving overseas trip for 7 days" please send to me k? or which part of melbourne i shouldn't miss please let me know as well. hope that i can have at least a day of R & R... *fingers crossed*

okok, back to reality.. exam exam is of highest priority now..

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