Saturday, November 05, 2005

i've pocketed $200 for my 2 hrs of hardwork...

and yeah.. only one place in singapore will someone pay u so well .. $100/hr..


oh well... 1st criteria: you must be a singaporean.

2nd, normally only guys will get it.

can guess?


i've maintained my IPPT records once again! so proud of myself! *grinz*

situps: 39 - 5 pts
broad jump: 230cm - 4 pts
pull up: 11 - 5 pts
shuttle run: 9.7s - 5 pts
2.4km: 11.25mins - 3 pts
total: 22/25 pts
award: silver + $200

quick flashback on how i fared last year...

situps: 40 - 5 pts
broad jump: 230cm - 4 pts
pull up: 11 - 5 pts
shuttle run: 10s - 5 pts
2.4km: 11.34mins - 3 pts
total: 22/25 pts
award: silver + $200

i actually did better this year huh? wasn't really in the mood to take ippt actually. anyway this was booked quite sometime back so i just think of giving it a try.. at most come back for a 2nd time lor if i cannot get my $200...

today damn crowded. my session was supposed to start at 730am. damm.. so early for a beautiful and lazy saturday but bo bian lah, have to drag myself out of bed. slowly slowly brush up and in the end reached maju camp at 740am. guess what? i thought got RT training coz i saw so many people but all are taking ippt! wow! my 5th year in maju and its the 1st time i took ippt with more than 180 people! TMD... waited damm long for my detail to start the test...

saw a few interesting people. got one, around my height, wore a guards singlet, got the kind of 'i go gym everyday' look coz his shoulder quite 'big' and squarish. when its his turn to do broad jump, he jumped and toss a few turns on the ground, complaining to the PTI that the mat was wet lah, blah blah.. haha! i'm already there 'amm chio" already. then hor he mount the bar for the pull up. i was waiting for him to show off his 'i go to gym everyday' pull up skills but to my horror, he was struggling to even drag himself up for one count! not only i'm there grinning lor, got 2 guys sitting infront of my also laugh till damn loud! hahaha! opppss! =X then when i was completing my 2.4km, i ran pass a guy wearing 'safti' (i suppose he was an officer last time..) and i encouraged him to run the last 100m with me and he agreed. wah lau! he was shouting and moaning 'ahhh!! ahhhh!!!' all the way man!! KNN!! if those people around me dunno may think i', the one making those noise lor.. run also cannot run quietly.. officer somemore.. @#$%^&..

will be resting for a while before i resume my training coz really busy for the coming 2 weeks...

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