Friday, August 12, 2005

it seems that we may be spared for this year's presidential election.. which is something good... or bad?

for those who even bothered to read the news everyday to catch the latest updates of the election, you will probably realise that the 'hottest' guy around is mr kuan, the ex-jtc cfo and hyflux staff (sorry, i dunno wat post he working at hyflux). poor him, kena bombarded by the jtc ceo mr chong left right, followed by hyflux chairman up down center.. seriously, if one person criticises that another person has a poor working attitude, i'll probably take that as being bias. if two persons are simultaneously pointing out the bad working attitude of another person, then there must be some truth yah? maybe not in the working sense, but probably in the way the person behaves as well as the negative image he portrayed in front of the management. all these will add up bit by bit and unconsciously, its being registered somewhere in a vault of our little brains, and it just need a particular instance to work as a key to open that... and that is where trouble begins...

i do not know mr kuan personally. despite all the negative comments he has gathered over such a short time, we can actually learn something useful from him. first, he is a man with far-sight. in order to qualify for the election, he planned his move almost 5 years ago! after setting a plan for himself, he work to achieve that, and that is something remarkable. how many of us actually set our goals 5 years in advance and work hard to achieve that? probably after a year or two we will simple chunk the novel idea somewhere behind our brain and never to think about it again..

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