Wednesday, July 20, 2005

so whats the hottest book in town rcently?

of coz nothing beats harry potter.

oh by the way, i've never read a single page of harry potter's series. dun have any interest in the series nor the writer nor the movies... dun ask me why.. i dunno..

anyway, i stumbled upon this poll in yahoo asking about whether i like the new harry potter book or not. i scan thru the options available and chose the "i don't read harry potter". i'm thinking i must be the dinnosaur in singapore that dun read harry potter. however to my surprise, here's the results:

over 70% don't read harry potter! my goodness! so i'm part of the majority who are not influenced by the craze about it.. hehe.. seriously i do not understand whats the hype about harry potter.. is it really that good? or its over-rated?

perhaps only those who read it and decided not to touch it again can tell me more..

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