Thursday, July 07, 2005


finally understood what it really meant today.

was rushing my work today in office and out of no where my boss handed me a piece of information and asked if i'm in charge of that project. that piece of information contains the documentation stuffs that are to be carried out. i'm actually in-charge of the project and its a common practice that whoever is in-charge of the project will have to do the documentation as well. however for this project, the documentation stage was handed over to another colleague of mine as instructed by my manager since i'm currently dealing with other projects. well done my colleague! today when he was approached by my boss, he "ge-siao" (aka act blur) and quickly arrowed me and say i'm in-charge of the documentation! TMD! he jolly well knew that he was responsible for all the documentation! anyway i did not push the job to him, my manager did. now he trying to "siam" (aka avoid) all the responsibilities by pointing the finger at me!

i'm already damn pissed off with him before this. now he made me even more "du-lan" (aka pissed off) him..

although he was very clever...

but i'm not stupid either!

i quickly told my boss that my colleague was the one doing the job and that piece of thing finally landed in his hands! *cheers to justice* he really damn TMD.. i helped him with his project some time back while he was away on leave and when i wanted to hand it back to him he quickly "ti-gong" (aka act blur) say he dunno anything.. KNN... now u think i'll be so kind to take over all the shit from him? nah!!

just as i was tellling another colleague of mine: out of no where suddenly got a big pile of shit came falling down on me. luckily i got bring umbrealla and shield myself out of these mess.... *phew*


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