Saturday, June 25, 2005

what kind of person am i?

many times i wonder, the kind of person that i think i'm, is it going to be the same person which others perceive me as?

probably for the next few posts i shall list down the personalities that i think i fit in and those who know me can try to compare them to how you perceive me to be?

p/s: the below are not ranked in order of resembility.

1. quiet
seriously, i can dun talk to anyone for as long as i like without feeling uneasy. it doesn't matter whether i'm in a big group or at home, so long as i dun feel like talking or find it inappropriate to talk or i've got nothing to contribute i'll just keep my mouth zip.

2. sloopy
another strong trait i have is sloopiness (dunno spell correctly or not.. lazy to use spell check). i just can't be bothered to dress up at times most of the time. so dun be surprised to see me in t-shirt and bermudas and sandals no matter where you see me, be it during the weekend or even during working days.. its not that i dun wana look nice, but i'm more of a care-free (i'm not trying to promote some brand of female stuff here) person where i like to be in something that i'm most comfortable in. another reason is that if you walk down orchard road, ever notice that those uncles who wear till very simple in bermuda and collared-tee are actually driving big cars and carrying tons of cash and credit cards with them? i aim to be like them! haha! oh well.. of coz when needed i'll still drag myself to dress something better...

3. bo-chap or serious?
i'm always transiting between those 2 extreme personalities. before i enter ns, people will probably feel that i'm a very serious person, even to the extent that some of my classmates at that time called me names such as "serious", etc. however when i enter ns, i suddenly become a very bo-chap person. now that i'm working, i'm back to the serious kind of person when i'm at work. guess i've learnt to adapt and change my attitute to serious or bo-chap depending on situation i'm in. isn't that wonderful?

ok today till here.. will continue tomorrow.. stay tuned! =D

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