Sunday, May 29, 2005

*sianzzz* i think my ethernet modem died!! somemore no warrenty already coz it expired on 25 apr 2005!!!

life is shitty isn't it?

now i can only connect using my spare modem. thankful its still going strong.. have to waste money buying a new modem already.. *double sianzz*

i wasted $20 trying to get the singtel fellow to come down to check on my line.. coz i thought its the line problem.. all thanks to incompetence singnet technical staffs who gave me all the wrong settings!! *pui + triple sianzzz*

oh yah.. btw if you have a child or someone's child wants to hold a birthday party, please.. PLEASEEEEEE for goodness sake, DON'T ever choose KFC!! i was at kallang kfc yesterday and there was a birthday party there. the whole party looked so boring! not much deco, boring staffs, boring games.. wat could be worst than that for a child's b'day party rite? i seriously think mac's birthday party is more interesting.. at least i enjoyed them while i was younger! =D

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