Wednesday, April 13, 2005

wat are you peoples' view regarding going out with the opposite gender when you are attached?

below is a real scenario:

gal A is a friend of mine. she has a steady bf for probably no less than 4 years and they are having thoughts of getting married in the near future.

ok here is how the story goes:
recently, a mutual friend of gal A and me, recommended guy A to gal A. when he recommend guy A, he clearly tells gal A that guy A is interested in her. although gal A keep on emphasising that she and guy A are not possible to be together, she had gone out with my friend, guy A and gal B (a mutual friend of us all) at least once. not only that, gal A seems to have agreed on further dates with guy A, either in group or even alone...

my thoughts:
i'm wondering what is gal A thinking!! apparently, she seems to have no problems with her current bf so i dun think she is single and available as yet. however, she seems to be interested in the new guy fren of hers. otherwise, i dun think she will agree to go out the 2nd time. oh yah.. to add in more spice, the upcoming 'date' seems to be a 'secret' as there is evidence to suggests that she is trying to 'avoid' the possibility that other friends will see her and the guy together... even though she keeps on emphasising that she and the guy are not possible, she seems to practice cognitive dissonance because her actions speaks otherwise!

is she trying to lead the guy on?

is she really just out for fun?

is she just being friendly?

is she....??

oh well.. i not sure.. but to me everything seems to be going the wrong directions...

anyway, as promised yesterday, here is today's quiz...

whats that in the pic??

leave your answers! =D

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