Saturday, March 12, 2005

hi peeps!!

me MIA for a few days le, anyone got miss me anot? hahaa! =D

oh well let me see what i have done for the past few days... went to the gym twice for workouts and went to jog at the pandan reservior (near RVSS) which is just footsteps away from my office, .. oh wait.. that reservoir is BIG k.. i did not look closely at the signboards (coz i'm panting for breath) but i think i should have ran no less than 6-7km... i think other than that i probably did not do anything interesting le.. everyday after work is go home and rot... =

today actually have autocad lesson the whole day but bec i wana exchange my items from emart so i pushed the lesson to the noon. however, i did not get any exchange as that idiotic emart is not open!! damn!! i called from 8am to 10+am also no one pick up the phone call. must call and scold the customer service already as its the staff that asked me to call them up today! luckily i no make a trip down if not i'll surely f*** the customer service upside down by wasting my time.. no choice lah, have to take a half day next week to exchange for my items as they do not provide any exchange by delivery... *pui*

finally my autocad lesson ended today. that idiotic trainer actually waste my time to have a lesosn today as he only have a small part left. i wonder why he dun wana finish it last week since we are damn free last week to end at 4pm instead of the scheduled 6pm! kaozz.. i go from cck all the way to kaki bukit k!! wasted more than 3 hrs for transport each time... dun like his attitude coz he keep on complaining to me that he dun like to work on weekends as he isn't paid any extra. also dun like the way he described the blangadesh workers as "lower class" people.. i wonder why a person born in the communist country has this type of thinking of social class, when their system actually is a classless society?? weird huh.. even me, a capatalist disciple of adam smith did not have this kind of undesirable thinking.. anyway on the whole i dun like him.. people say first impression counts.. its true.. esp since he did not give me a good impression by showing up late for 1/2 hr during our first lesson..

tomolo will be another full day as i have group discussion in the day as well as my tuition at nite.. ahhh... another weekend burned... oh yah did i mentioned that my next week also burned coz lessons starting next week... duhzzz.... so if u pple (if any) wana ask me out PLEASE schedule it in the evening.. thanks!

oh yah... i planning a getaway this may.. either one of the long weekends of mayday or vesak day! this is to compensate for me missing my graduation tour as well as celebrating my 1st yr of working! haha! hmm... your next qn will probably be (90% of u will ask this by now) hwere i intending to go rite? my ex-jap classmates asking me to go japan with them but i no $$$ + they couple so where do i sleep then? in-between them? lol! hence i deciding between taiwan or hong kong or thailand. of coz in terms of cost thailand will be very economical but my urge to go taiwan is stronger leh... see how ba.. anyway who interested can drop me a sms or msg yah! me shall go and find out how much now...

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