Saturday, February 26, 2005

i'm becoming an impulsive buyer. today after my autocad lesson i bought 5 things on impulse.. luckily its not that bad as i use them but i can live without them as well. i realise that being an impulsive buyer is kinda fun too~ feel happy at the moment of buying but only come home and realise that i can dun need them.. haha~


anyway did anyone manage to catch what the anti-drug abuse tv commerical (the one with alot of ah bengs one) is tokking about? after watching not less than 20 times, i only managed to catch the first 70% of it, ie from the moment they take drugs i cannot catch what the commentator is tokking about! he is mumbling to himself! hello!? you (the ministry) are trying to discourage people from taking drugs yet your message is not clear! how on earth will those drug users understand?

dun tell me that is the way drug abusers communicate among themselves and the authority is trying to speak in their language? o.O

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