Tuesday, February 22, 2005

had a long chat with my dad in the morning when he drove me to work. our chat revolve around my work. till now, for a wholly 8 months, he still dunno what kind of engineer i'm. eh.. seriously lah.. its hard to explain to most people what i work as especially so when most people do not have any idea what is it at all in the first place. anyway, i'm used to it already..

aiyah side track too much liao. ok.. my dad was sharing with me that when he was younger, he chose being a cabby than an airon technician as a cabby earns more and is more flexible at that time. he kinda regretted but when he realised that, it was too late to turn back. he advised me to think of the future instead of the current. yup.. i agree. most of the time we people are just too blinded by the current gains and did not realise the unforseen future. being an engineer is not really what i wanted, especially so in my line as promotion is slow and pay is pathetic. i need to venture out.

the last 10 mins of our chat was about buying a car. ok.. my dad admitted that he wanted to get a car, probably a weekend car as the road tax and car price is much cheaper. to me getting a car is ok but getting a weekend car? if i get it then that means i've have to get out of my house by 630am instead of my current 7am. whats worst is that i cannot leave my office before 7pm! its so stupid rite? buying a car is supposed to provide convenience but with a weekend car i'm actually more jialat than before. seriously i doubt i'll agree to it if i'm to contribute to it. i rather stay with my mrt and bus.. cheaper and i can have the convenience. nothing concrete comes out of it so i'll just KIV first. anyway i'm too poor to afford a car, esp for these 2 years..

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