Friday, January 14, 2005

is it a lack of topics or its a norm?

i notice that when i meet up with friends, our topics usually revolve around our life in the office, how we are suffering lah, how bad the boss is lah, how low we are paid lah, blah blah.. i just can't help but to think back a few years where i'm still in the ns and my topics with my ns friends or other guy friends who are also in ns will be how much shit we were suffering, how badly we were kena tekan, how bloody idiotic and saddist the warrent officers and OCs were..

i mean is it a norm? ok let me put it in another way. i notice that 80-90% of the conversation will be about work life since most of my friends are working now. well.. its not wrong to update one another about our life (which is basically revolving around work) but i wonder how much we can know one another better other than the work we are doing? perhaps if this continues, in the end i might know the colleagues better than the person i are actually talking to as he/she will probably be refering to the same person over and over again during the conversation..

ok, maybe i'm the weirdo to think of this.. but i'm beginning to doubt the degree of "norm" and will suggest a lack of topics as the real answer...


btw i received my 1st CNY card! thanks mr zan!

for your info, i've already cleared my snail mail box so you all can start pouring in the CNY cards! XD

need my address? you can always sms/msn me.. haha~

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