Saturday, January 29, 2005

if not for the need to attend a wedding dinner across the causeway, i dun think i'll step a foot out of singapore. oh by the way, its been more than 4 yrs since my last visit to malaysia and also that was the last time i step my foot out of singapore...

on a saturday, the causeway was jammed as usual.

luckily my colleagues and i use public transport, otherwise i dunno how much time do we need to waste in the jam. however, when we are over at JB, my another colleague who was supposed to fetch us over there was late for over an hr as he was caught in the jam. i mean its ok since its not really his fault but its tiring to listen to pple(s) complaining and complaining that they are wasting their time waiting.. and they need to go back to catch the last bus and train.. and they want to request that the dinner will be served faster so that they can leave the restaurant by 9+pm and hurry back to singapore.. worst is someone suggested that we 'put aeroplane' and return to singapore by putting the blame on another person as we are waiting for so long..


i mean how can you put the blame on someone else when you did not coordinate properly by informing the person the time that you are arriving in JB? you do not even know who is coming to fetch you and you do not know his hp number!

finally.. imagine next time you are getting married and your friend decides to 'fly kite' by giving you the reason: "aiyah jam leh.. then hor i need to catch the last bus back so i'm not coming le... its your fault!"



my fairy godmother seems to have heard my plea to remove that stupid antivirus in my lappy and magically this noon i managed to uninstall it! if one surprise is not enough, i've also magically updated the other antivirus such that its working perfectly now! so happy that i dun need to reformat my lappy! i still remember the last time i reformat and it took me more than 3 days to get everything in place.. its a nightmare..

before i forget... BOYCOTT !!!!

oh yah fairy godmother, did you overlook my other pleas??? please take a close look at them.. thanks! =D

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