Thursday, December 23, 2004

today is the 1st x'mas "celebration" i have with my present company. i think today all holiday mood coz in the morning at 805am (we start work at 810am) i'm the only soul in the office! usually by this time my japanese bosses and my manager will be there already..

anyway there is not much of the celebration lah, just that the lunch is proudly sponsored by the company. ok.. this is my lunch..

10" canadian pizza "meat lovers" =D

a can of coke... (no pic provided as i sure u all have seen a can of coke before rite?)

as well as the favourite x'mas pressie...

roche chocolates!

anyway as i promised to let u all see my new pc... i lazy to update the pic in the previous post so i shall post it here..

not clear enough? here you are for a close up...

so funny rite the monitor... just dun fit into the picture leh...

ok.. some of those observants will ask me why am i sticking so many post-it pad on my monitor... well.. my boss will use that when there is any correction to be done in my work, and as a loyal "care for your planet" supporter, i dun throw these papers away, so i just stick them on the monitor so that when i need it i can just pluck them off from my monitor.. hehe~

anyway today i'm nearly killed by my boss. damn! he early in the morning smile smile to me and say (in his broken + heavily jap assent) "tan.. these drawings i think you finish today. (note that its not a question) because if you cannot finish today you only have half a day tomorrow (we half day on x'mas eve), unless you want to stay tomorrow afternoon to finish." after saying that i was speechless. for goodness sake these drawings are damn alot! yesterday i spent the whole day and only finish 20+ pages and he expects me to finish 40+ pages today? just because i got a new pc and he expects my speed to more than triple? ok nvm.. as a hardworking worker i'll do it to please my boss.

guess what? after i finished a pile of drawings, he will take back and revise and hand me back for more revision! its a cycle! its never ending! ahhh!!! just when i thought i can clear those stuffs by overclocking my processor, i was wrong. in the end i OT for more than an hour to finish them.. sianzzz... no OT pay somemore.

anyway, just hope that tomolo i can go off by noon and not do OT again... i've been clocking alot of OT already...

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