Friday, November 12, 2004

the murder of little girl huang na has created a big woo-ha in singapore for the past few weeks. i mean unless u live in cave or just came back from other countries you have alsolutely no excuse not to know about it, coz even the toddlers know about it.

its a tragic that such a young gal was murdered for whatever reasons still unknown to us. i think even she herself dunno why she was killed. anyway i shall not spectulate anymore the motive behind this case.. the truth will unfold.. soon..

i believe its the media effect that caused such a woo-ha. from the day the little gal went missing, all the newspapers no matter english or chinese (or even malay?) will surely dedicate a big page to this news, updating anyone who is interested in it. even the news will put this case as one of its "prime news". as the days passed and finally the gal was found dead, so many people cried for her. perhaps i'm not that soft-hearted but i seriously would not cry for a total stranger to me. i may shed a tear or two at the national day parade when everyone is singing the national anthem before the ceremony ends as i'm proud to be a singaporean. i did not know the gal myself, i did not even see the gal before except for her photos in the papers. its basically the same for the other fellow singaporeans too. i dun understand why they will go and attend her wake, cry and cry and cry like she is their daughter.. well.. or these people take this case as a reality tv programme instead of the qiong yao soap opera?

okok... its sad for a young gal to die just like that but is that your business? are you related to her? do you know her? if all the answers are no... then probably thats the effect of media. the final winner is the media. they managed to package something and sell to the crowd successfully. thats how powerful media is.

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