Sunday, November 14, 2004


my webhost differenthost ( just shut down my site without prior warning... just because they say i owe them $15! kaozzz!!! i did not even receive any billing advise from them how on mother earth will i know i have to pay wat! they expect me to remember every single date of payment? please lor... i look like i so free is it? or they think i got 1 trillionbytes of memory space in my tiny brain?

anyway my hosting with them will end in 2 months so its ok to terminate my relationship with them now. totally pissed off... i mean if u want to terminate something u should at least send an email to me to warn me. again.. i did not receive anything as such.. then they cheapo wana save paper and stamps dun wana send by hardcopy so how am i supposed to react right?

very disappointed. no wonder so many people i know who use their service years before all change web host.. all because they dun have proper customer service, like we, the customers, owe them a living like that.

hey u people from differenthost! listen up! this is not 3 years ago man where you are considered the cheapest webhost in singapore. now is a different era already. u can be fucked up in ur customer service in the past yet we still cling on because we cannot find cheap alternatives. we always get interruption in the past yet we keep mum about it. i still remember there is one whole year the host is down! can u imagine it! when we want anything done nothing is done to help us. what kind of customer service is this? go fly kite lah u all!

so pple update your bookmark to first... i not sure when the will disappear in thin air.. ok... now i need a new webhost which is cheap and good. anyone can recommend? i want something less than S$6 per month de...

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