Thursday, September 23, 2004

do this when you are in the train or bus or simply when u walk:

notice the expressions of people.

look into their eyes. look at their lips. count aloud in ur brain how many actually have the smile on their face? how many are telling others in silence that they are happy?

i like to do the above when i got nothing to do. till now i cannot remember how many "happy" people i noticed. probably got a few lah but the number is simply negligible to the number of stern, unhappy, disappointed, sad, expressionless faces i encountered. can understand why they simply cannot lift their muscles to smile. work is getting freaking overloaded for the pathetic paycheck, life is so hectic, no time/money/chance to do what they think they can do best, doing things they dun like to do, failed relationships, family problems, illness..... the list continues...

what could be done to make these people smile? fulfill their wants? solve their problems?

but its only temporary. humans are never satisfied. when we dun have something we will complain why we dun have this dun have that. once we achieved something we will want for more, want something better, so we will be trapped in the same viscious cycle again and again..

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