Sunday, August 29, 2004

went to IMM to select the graduation photos to enlarge as my fmaily photo. took a total of 10 shots for family and individual. family one is easy to choose as only 2 are nice. i like the background of one (library backdrop) but in the end i chose the other one as my dad looks more radiant and is smiling. the other one he dun look tat "friendly".. hehe. as for my individual i'm also left with 2 that i'm satisfied with. just before i decided on one i noticed that i got "big small eyes"!! arrrghhh!!!! its bloody obvious!! so sad.... have to compromise with the 2nd best... =(

the studio says that it will be ready in a month's time.. hope that it will be ready in 2 weeks or less..

btw there is one shop in IMM called "daiso" selling everything at SGD$2 only! got many many nice things!! i think its better than the 1.99shop last time as the variety is so much better. also i noticed many muji looked alike stuffs selling at $2 only! maybe they are the same things and from the same source! got time i must go there and see see again... =)

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