Tuesday, February 03, 2004

i posted my original oakley sunglasses for sale in my school forum. i hopping to sell at about $200 but i was mad when i received this reply! i'm willing to neg. to maybe $180 or even $170 but not to the extend of her bid. fuck~~! my shades cost nearly $270 for god's sake! she think i what? carrot head? or dumb ass? pls lor... she even has the cheek to send me that kind of offer and want me to call back! maybe i should and see who is she by asking her to meet up... she better dun be a fellow singaporean or else i'll seriously considering migrating...

Sent: Tue 03-Feb-04 1:53 PM
Subject: RE: Oakley sunglasses for sale!

paying for 100. reply to 9844x453

and this is my reply to her...

From: Me of course!

i dunno if you are joking or what... and i certainly hope that you are trying to make me smile. =)
but if you don't then i can sell you one that i got from thailand pasar malam for $100

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