Wednesday, January 14, 2004

well done! the new tee i bought today is too tight! =( dun ask me why i did not try before i buy bec the boss say "cannot try on tee!" the size looks alrite when i wana buy but it is tight when i try it after i gone home. haizzz... only 2 conclusions i can draw: either the tee is too small or the cold hard fact is i'm too fat.... and most probably is the latter..

ok.. now u know why i cannot buy clothes from pasar malam or whatever far-east-look-alike stalls? i tried to buy from them long time ago but the smaller size tee is always slightly too tight-fitting for me and the larger size is way too big! i need to try on whatever i buy from now onwards (unless its realli GREAT looking that i'm willing to risk my $$$ with) so i can only buy only boutiques. not that i wana spurge $30-$50 on a tee for the brand or what but its better than wasting $10+ bucks and get nothing i can wear..

yah.. i'm still suffering from the holocaust of my S$12... and i still got nothing for CNY!

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