Saturday, January 17, 2004

great! even my roommate says that my tee looks very tight fitting... =(

juz now went to jurong point and lot1 to hunt for clothes. there are quite a few sports shop but i really dun feel like wearing sports apparels for CNY. please lor! i'm not those younger boys in sec or poly anymore who wears adidas or nike to go around relatives houses during CNY (i bet u can spot many of these soon =P). i need something tat look older and more unique? hmmm... saw a few nice clothings at man-masters. i like a 3/4 sleeve top (the material is not those t-shirt kind but thinner and much nicer) but it cost $69.90?! -____-" also i saw an alternative which has almost similiar design and is selling at $39.90. hmmm... if really no choice i'll get the latter coz another $30 for extra sleeves juz dun make much sense in my already drained and empty and holey wallet..

i need new clothes for CNY! 5 days more! arrrrghhhhh~~~~!!

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