Sunday, December 07, 2003

i read today's papers m1 is selling 7250i at $188 after trade in of 8250... and recently i received a letter from m1 that i'm given $80 off any advertised phone so that means i can get the 7250i at $108! dirt cheap yah? tempted to buy but i dun realli like 7250i... but its realli very tempting! got another offer that i can buy the new 6220 at $338 with trade in of my 8250. should i get tat one instead? but it seems no use leh the 6220... juz tat its new... functions wise i no use for it.. somemore similiar to 7250i also... i like the new panasonic x70.. cool phone.. comes with a free bluetooth headset also but the price sets me back.. $788 i think with 2 years plan.. -.-"

also starhub is having offer... can get a $100 tangs voucher for handphone purchase... also tempted to change to starhub also... hmm wat shld i do? any ideas pple? should i stick with m1 or change to starhub?

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