Saturday, November 15, 2003

exam has finished! woooo-hooooo!!

btw i'm also FINISHED...... *sob sob*

haizzzz.... realli get used to this type of feeling already..... never once in NTU i can happily walk out of the exam hall... never once i can confidently tell people i can pass or even do well... never once i can stop my mouth from swearing at the lecturers who set the papers... WTF!!! arhhhhh!!!! @#$%^&*()!!!!

nvm... i've done my part. the rest depends on God already. realli hope miracles can happen.. and i believe they do...

let me see my plans for this holidays. hmmm... my holidays this time is till 12 jan 2004 so using my fingers and toes i managed to calculate a total of 58 days. quite abit huh? also dunno how to spend...

anyway i got some things in mind already:
1. jap lesson (registered liao)
2. FYP
3. suntan (coz i too fair liao)
4. physical training (coz my IPPT is here again... and i want to take it in december)
5. read up on next year subjects
6. work
7. learn morse code

hmmm... got others lah... like KTV, blading, shopping, prepare materials for next yr tuition, gatherings, blah blah... realli need to plan my time wisely so that i can maximise my time....

let me think what am i gonna do later... *ponder*

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