Sunday, September 07, 2003

i like the feeling of sitting in a corner, watching people's behaviour. trust me, its realli nice to do it and the feeling is great! trust mi again, the best place to observe people is in foodcourts, canteens, or hawker centers. why? when we are eating, our guard is actually at the lowest and we tend to reveal our true self at this short time of about 10mins. see how a person eat. of coz i dun literally mean see what the person eat nor admire his/her ugly eating habits or saliva dripping like dunno wat... but juz observe. see the person's eyes... watch his/her movements... dun they tell you something about the person? his/her feelings? thoughts? think deeper....

today went for The Big Walk. not bad... kinda fun! haha! i only join the walk at city hall there and walked for 3.5km instead of the 10km. hee! aiyah tired lah... overslept... how to wake up at 615am?!?! even during sch time i wake up at only after 9am so 615am is realli a torture! i saw a very interesting sight: a very plump and fat dog was resting with its 4 limbs pointing to the sky! haha! i think it overstressed liao... walked too much and thus cannot take it... and its realli funny when u see the owner has to push it back using the doggie's very own cart. the cart got the dog's name somemore.. the owner got 2 dogs so i dunno what name is the one tat "up the lorry"... i think its called jojo... or popo?

mid-term break starts on saturday. 2 days past and i lag behind my planned schedule. die! tomolo MUZ pia back what i'm lagging!

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