Monday, August 25, 2003

when i went home on saturday, i received a mail from MOE and i'm being shortlisted for an interview on this friday! yuppie! haha~ so nervous and excited! i nearly cannot sleep! i still remember tat day i met pear in sch and she is telling mi tat usually the teaching appliaction will be open after the 1st semester, so in another words my application this round will be rejected. kinda depressed after hearing her words tat day. haha! at least i'm still being shortlisted this round! called pear and she suggest i do something abt my hair coz she feels tat its too shiny! errr.... okok... i'll go get it black again either today or tomolo.. for the sake of the interview and getting myself a job, i'll do it.... she share wif mi her experiences during the interview. hmmm... juz hope tat the pple who are going to interview mi will not "te kan" mi and ask those very difficult questions. anyway i'll prepare answers for questions that they may ask... heehee.. by the way i'm given D&T (design and technology) and mathematics to teach, and pear also commented tat now MOE lack of D&T teachers. in addition, she says that usually MOE will see the 1st semester results before they will shortlist pple for an interview so looks like i may have a good chance.. ok i know tat she is trying to encourage mi but i still grateful for her kind words. haha.. hmmm... wat should i wear on friday?

jap lesson started yesterday. nearly lost my way there. 1stly i drop off at the wrong station (tanjong pagar instead of raffles place), 2ndly i cannot find tat stupid building as the stupid map provided by the sch does not have the names of the buildings around it! kaozzzz... wat kind of lousy map is tat? lesson is equally bad. i think i lost touch with jap for too long already. alot of things i already forgotten. somemore the teacher teach sooooooooooo fast like wana rush for her life like tat... how to concentrate and absorb? somemore there is a stupid woman in my class who seems to try to answer watever qn the teacher is asking. okie i know tat u are very good in it but can u please give mi and my fellow classmates some time to process what is being asked and also how to answer? my other classmates are also having bad impressions abt her... haizzzz.... anyway i'll try to do whatever i can to learn....

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